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The Calaveras Enterprise: Nov 1st 2023

Silicon Valley Metro newspaper:
March 15th 2023, Vol 39, No 2

" These scurvy dogs churn and swirl a swash- buckling fusion of Irish folk music, punk- inspired guitar work and-- of course -- sea shanties!"

Scoundrel's Inn Album of the Year

Ressurrection by: O'Craven

As mentioned above how we determine who wins album of the year is based on scores. Both Resurrection & Deeds & Debts had the exact same score. I thought about devising a tie-breaker but as I looked at everything I just couldn’t come to a system that worked for me. Both albums are fantastic and completely different than the other. If you want that piratecore/celtic rock sound you have O’Craven. If you’re looking for the Neo-traditional Euro sound you have Pat Razket. There is something for everyone and are highly suggested that you get yourselves a copy; but knowing that you’re good Black Strap Buccaneers you already have. In my opinion the top songs on each album are as follows: 
Resurrection: Skull & Bones, Banshee, Davey Jones Mist & Skallywags 
Deeds & Debts: The Debt, Hangman’s Noose, Drink My Way to Heaven, A Cursed Night in April & My Love For Thee