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Scoundrel's Inn Album of the Year

Ressurrection by: O'Craven

As mentioned above how we determine who wins album of the year is based on scores. Both Resurrection & Deeds & Debts had the exact same score. I thought about devising a tie-breaker but as I looked at everything I just couldn’t come to a system that worked for me. Both albums are fantastic and completely different than the other. If you want that piratecore/celtic rock sound you have O’Craven. If you’re looking for the Neo-traditional Euro sound you have Pat Razket. There is something for everyone and are highly suggested that you get yourselves a copy; but knowing that you’re good Black Strap Buccaneers you already have. In my opinion the top songs on each album are as follows: 
Resurrection: Skull & Bones, Banshee, Davey Jones Mist & Skallywags 
Deeds & Debts: The Debt, Hangman’s Noose, Drink My Way to Heaven, A Cursed Night in April & My Love For Thee

O'Craven most requested band of 2018

O'Craven, was listed on the top 10 list of Scoundrels Inn music pod cast, of most requested bands of 2018!

Album revew of "Resurrection" by: O'Craven