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O'Craven's Origins:

      The SS O'Craven dates back all the way to 1715 and the golden age of piracy, in the quiet fishing county of Louth Ireland. Where Captain Cloud and his crew used to make their living by fishing, but after the English scourge began to oppress his village, Captain Cloud outfitted his ship two wage piracy on the English! 
       After several years of successful battles against the English frigates the crew of a the  O'Craven found new crew members who were attracted by the success they were having. However after a little while there was a mutiny stage against the Captain. He and his crew was able to fend the attack off, but the crew of the SS O'Craven where now on the run...

     The band of mutineers where in pursuit. They had made a pact with dark forces. This was the only way they could catch O'Craven. Focused only on catching O'Craven, the mutineers  where hot on there wake, and out for blood...
        The brave crew of O'Craven had one chance to outrun them by sailing through the Devil's Triangle. While doing so, a unearthly, green glowing Mist, set upon them and in a blink of an eye, they where transported to modern day where they had no choice but to lay down there cutlasses, muskets and axes. To pick up drum sticks, violins, and guitar axes!, to became the face melting, Soul capturing, Celtic, Pirate, Rock band you know today as O'Craven!

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