Double Barrel Damrel

While the crew of O'Craven was able to in list the help of Blood Beard the Viking to escape from Valhalla and Davey Jones Locker, they still needed one more member to be able to safely sale the ship back to the land of the living.

  They found one of the most infamous master at arms around. The feared "Double Barrel Damrel!" Not only could he fire any cannon, musket, or blunderbuss around and sink any ship he went up against but he was also a furious Drummer! He had been trapped in servitude to the evil Davey Jones. Sentenced to an eternity of sinking wayward vessels so the cruel ruler of the deep could expand his army of souls.

     Until, the crew of the O'Craven, came along with muskets blazing and sword clashing, they swooped in and freed Double Barrel, before Davey Jones even knew he was missing....

     Now with a price on his head from the ruler of the abyss him self, Double Barrel, flies his flag high in the face of that spectral menace, and beats his drums loud, as he and the rest of O'Craven continue to play in defiance of that barnacle crusted specter.


Name: Justin Damrel

AKA:  Double barrel

Rank: Master Gunner 

 Instruments: Drums and a master of magical arts

Hometown: San Jose, CA