O'Craven is the best Pirate Rock band in Northern California! ”

— Northern California Pirate Festival

O'Craven- Celtic Pirate Rock


Avast, you scallywags! Dredged up from the depths of Davey Jones locker, comes the world's best Celtic, Pirate, Rock band!...      

      O'CRAVEN, is a conglomeration of multiple musicalstyles. From traditional Celtic rhythms, 

and pirate sea shanties to hard driving tribal rock beats, heavy harmonized guitar riffs and catchy lyrics.       

   Every one will be singing along, dancing, and having a great time at any event they play. 

     O'Craven's stage presents and  show is unrivalled! With their frantic punk rock energy, audience participation, CO2 cannons and their, special eye catching, blacklight zombie pirate skeleton makeup performance, it's an extravaganza that must be seen to be believed and will be the talk of any festival, event or venue they perform at. 

         O'Craven plays frequently in the Northern California Bay Area, and also tours nationally regularly. 

They are ready to jump on a tour at anytime. No matter, if it's a large festival or a small club, O'Craven will deliver the same epic performance!

Check out some of our major events: -

-2019, 2022, 2023 Pirate Invasion Long Beach- (Long Beach CA)

-2021 Loan Star Pirate Festival (Houston TS)

-2016  Celtic Rock Concert Series (NorCal Renaissance Festival)  

-2016 & 2017 Northern California Pirate Festival (Vallejo, CA)  

-Main Stage at San Francisco's 165th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade 

-2017 Sonoma County Fair 

-Mountain Winery St. Patrick’s Day Celebration 2013  

-SubZero Festival 2015, 2016, 2023 (San Jose, CA)  

-Luna Park Chalk Art Festival 2016, 2018, 2019 (San Jose, CA) 

-2017 Sonoma County Fair (Santa Rosa, CA)

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