Calico, is not only Capt. Cloud's Right hand, but he is the Captain's own flesh and blood father. Calico used to captain his own ship, but when Cloud needed a Quartermaster and Calico saw the descent in his crew, Calico sprang in to action! With the help of Mr. Bones,  and Captain Cloud, They fought off the attack and took back control of the SS. O'Craven.  Now Calico provides the experience that the Captain relies on to run the crew of O'Craven like a machine.

Name: Calico

Rank: Quartermaster

Instruments: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Backup Vocals

Home Town: Roseville CA


   Calico started in a rock band in Mountain View while he was still in high school, called the Hysterics!  They had a hysterical time playing clubs around Mountain View. 

After that, he moved to San Jose, and met Barry Wineroth, and the rest is history.  The Jaguars were formed.  They played teen clubs until they released a record for a major label, got local airplay, started playing everywhere, opening for most of the  big entertainer of the time.

Calico and the brass section of the Jaguars left and  started Daily Bread.  He played with them for a couple years. He left Daily Bread to raise his family.  But when his son, John Cloud, started showing interest in his own band, Calico joined in with John’s band, Dephektiv.  He has been playing with John ever since. 

Eventually, O’Craven formed out of the  Dephektive shadows.