War March:

copyright John Cloud 2008

War March 

First Verse: 
All-4-One, one for all , 
together we will never fall. 

We are many, mighty are we, 
The fighting proud of Liberty. 

Take the power from The few, 
Give it right back to me and you. 

Weather the battle, don't look back, 
Stay strong, and fight, fight, fight! 

Chorus: x2 
You can fight with your guns, 
And fight with your knives, 
And fight with your fist 
What ever it takes. 

But fight with honor, 
And fight with your freedom, 
And fight with your spirit, 
Because they will not break. 

Second  verse: 
Brothers in Arms, stand side-by-side. 
Stand your ground, did not divide. 

Blood for Blood will be shed by all, 
At least you know you had a good fight. 

They've come for our freedom, Our blood and our lives. 

To make us their slaves, From morning to night. 

Gotta stay strong, don't lose sight, stay strong, and fight, fight,  fight!



Leave Us Alone:

copyright John Cloud 2008

Well bartender poor me a whiskey followed by a beer.

another shot of gin starts to give me some cheer.

scotch on the rocks followed by another beer

all this booze is making me sick

hope I don't through up on you here.


Leave us alone, lock our keys in the trunk  

Leave us alone, cause now we're stinking drunk 

Leave us alone, lock our keys in the trunk  

Leave us alone, cause now we're stinking drunk 



I'm six beers down a six pack, I've gotta get some more

I don't think it's a good idea, I might end up on the floor

But when i'm drunk I'm more fun and thats a fact

so crack open that rum and poor that Gentleman Jack!



Crew of the Damned:

copyright John Cloud 2017

Verse #1 

Let me tell you...the tale.... 
(of a captain....who made a packed) 

With the one and....only..... 
( a matter of fact) 

For if his.... crew should ..... 
(mutiny.....and plan an attack) 

Then the devil's curse would automatically in act 

Verse #2 

The demon... Convinced.... 
(the crew....of what to do) 

To rise up.... keelhaul..... 
(The captain.... And run him through) 

And then he.... Came forward.... 
(To collect.... on his toll) 

And now the crew of the damned is now under the Demon's control 


For we be the cursed crew, 
curse to sail the seven seas, 
curse for all eternity, 
as the undead zombie 

And we be the curse crew, 
cursed with the hunger for flesh You see, 
flesh and brains is all we need, 
for we be zombies 


(With a yo ho ho, your flesh be shed, 
and a yar har har,  from the undead, 
 with the yo ho ho, now we be fed, 
 and a yar har har, from the undead) 

(Yo ho ho, 

Yar har har, 

Yo ho ho, 

Yar har har, from the undead) 

Verse #3 

Now we can....have wenches, food and booze..... 
(Whatever we choose) 

And you can....shoot us, Run us through... 
 (and we'll never lose) 

But Nothing.... We eat, drink, or screw... 
(will ever satisfy) 

For all we hunger for is flesh and death, and none of us ever die


Stay tuned.... More lyrics, coming soon....