Drunken Pirate Podcast


Hey Everyone, 

     In our down time, since we have so much of it these days... we have shot a couple of episodes of a pod cast. "Drunken Pirates" where we drink and talk shit about a array of subjects. below you will find links for the 1st and 2nd episodes. 

2nd episode: 

link: https://youtu.be/v95Y2UPu8Lw 

Episode 2 of Drunken Pirates debuting Sunday jan 3rd at 4 p.m.! The pirate podcast where are we drink and talk about all sorts of pirate related stuff! 

This episode we will be reviewing the legendary pirate DarkHeart Brewery, and reviewing their anniversary barleywine! We will also be talking about the mythical creatures of Kelpies and other haunted stories, and we will learn pirate facts about the history of the pirate earring. 

1st episode: 

link: https://youtu.be/qVLUwQlGiAs 

We review Gowan's Heirloom Ciders, Williams Dragon's Breath Cider, Ronnie's Morning Get Together, Pirates of Emerson Haunted themed park and Pirates of the Pacific Pirate festival in Brookings Oregon. Plus we tell you the tale of the Flying Dutchmen, and teach you how to make a tasty Angry Kracken drink! **WARNING** Adult language, adult humor, and alcohol consumption....basicly everything that is great in the world...