NEW SINGLE dropping March 17th 2023

Ledgends Vol.1, Myths of the Deep

By acclaimed Celtic, Pirate, Rock band, O'Craven is coming soon!

       Myths of the Deep will be they're 3rd release. It will be the first of a 4 part series of EP's titled "Ledgends", that will culminate in the collection of the first 3 EP's plus an additional 8 songs on a double album. 

       The first single off Myths of the Deep is titled "Treasure Chest" the song tells a macabre tail of a Pirate who sneaks the love of his life on board his ship inside a treasure chest, so that he can keep his true treasure close to him, but when he is delayed in opening the chest to let her out, he finds her dead from lack of oxygen. Not being able to live, knowing he caused her death, he orders his crew mates to lock him in the chest with his love and throw them in to the sea. The song has a haunting melody and a driving beat. Along with the vocals and unforgettable lyrics, it makes "Treasure Chest" a epic Pirate Rock ballad. 

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