The Feared Duckie! Who earned his name when he killed the entire crew of another pirate ship armed only with a live duck! Now he plays lead fiddle, but if tempted and around any live foul....Ye beware!

Name: David Borough

AKA: Ducky

Rank: Boatswain

Instrument: Fiddle of Death

Home Town: Cupertino CA

David Borough founded Radio Rail with Jackie Loken in 1995, and has appeared at the  Elko Cowboy Poetry Festival, The Santa Barbara Folk Festival, and The California State Railroad Museum Railfest. David and Jackie created the Songs for the Transcontinental Railroad shows with Charlie Chin, Los Compadres, The Black Irish Band, Mary McCaslin, and Utah Phillips. David and Jackie also regularly  appear at the Gold Rush Days Festival in Old Town Sacramento. David's songs have been honored by the South Bay Songwriter's Association, and the Napa Folk Festival... 

David is also a founding member of Wind Horse, along with Katie Aguirre, and Connie Strawbridge. Based in the Gold Country, Wind Horse performs material relating the history of the Sierra foothills, and the American West.  Wind Horse has opened for Lacy J. Dalton at the Virginia City Opera House, and frequently  appears in Sutter Creek. 

The O'Daveys Irish Band, a duo with the late David Winters formed in 1998. The O'Daveys, a very high energy outfit appeared at many corporate events, and pubs from the Dog;s Bollix in San Francisco to the Poet and Patriot in Santa Cruz, 

As an  O'Craven founding member, David plays fiddle with the lads....